Make Your Own Coke & Mentos Geysers

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Safety First
First and most importantly:


We love the look of the goggles we wear in the videos, but we actually wear them to protect our eyes as well. You should too. You can get a pair of shop goggles for a couple of bucks at any hardware store. Pick a couple pair up when you're out buying your soda and use them. Besides, they make you look cool.

How to Make Your Own Coke & Mentos Geysers
The quick & easy way to make geysers is described below. It’s super simple and fun.

The advanced way requires some power tools and shows you how to make taller geysers. You can download the free advanced how-to PDF here.

The professional way uses our Coke & Mentos Geyser Kits. These are the nozzles we use in our live shows, and you can get the kit with six nozzles at our store. They allow you to create several different effects.

But for the fastest way to go out and make a geyser right now, read on…

The Quick and Easy Way to Make Your Own Geysers
What You Need

• a roll of mint Mentos (6 Mentos per geyser is enough)

• a piece of paper

• a playing card or a business card

a pair of goggles (lab coats are optional, but of course, stylish)

• a bottle of Coke Zero or Diet Coke (2-liter bottles are great)

Tip: Make sure the soda is at room temperature.

Here’s How You Can Do It
1. Go outside where you can make a big mess.

2. Open the bottle of Coke and place it on the ground.

3. Put on your goggles. Be safe and look cool!

4. Roll the paper into a tube so that the Mentos will just fit inside.

5. Hold the tube of paper upright and put the card over the bottom of the tube.

6. Load 4-6 Mentos into the tube, holding the card so they don’t fall out.

7. Carefully hold the tube and card directly on top of the bottle, lining up the tube and the mouth of the bottle.

8. Pull the card out from under the tube, letting the Mentos drop into the bottle.

9. Get out of the way.

10. Celebrate!

How Does This Work?
Why do Diet Coke & Mentos and Coke Zero & Mentos create such exciting geysers? Click here for the explanation.

More Experiments
If you have a curious mind, try testing different sodas and different candies. What happens when you drop a small stack of coins into a bottle of Sprite? What happens when you use a bottle of soda from the fridge instead of a bottle at room temperature? Experiment to find out!