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Where can I see you perform live?

Join our Facebook page or sign up for our e-mail list, and we’ll keep you posted on when and where we’ll be performing live. There’s nothing like seeing the Coke & Mentos Spectacular LIVE! For information on booking an EepyBird performance, click here.


Where do you get your ideas?

We find ideas by exploring the world around us in the same way that kids play. We try to let go of all our grownup ideas of what things are supposed to do so that we can discover unexpected and amazing uses for everyday objects.


Once we have a new idea, we take it from Experiment #1 (the basic concept) to Experiment #10 (developing some variations and scaling it up) to Experiment #100 (pushing it as far as humanly possible).


We give a 45-minute interactive presentation for corporate events on our creative process and how going from 1 to 10 to 100 can be applied in many situations. Click here to learn more about our corporate presentations on creativity and lessons from the frontlines of viral video.

What’s an EepyBird?

First off, let’s get one thing straight. It’s EepyBird. That’s Eeeeeeeeepy. Rhymes with weepy. Not Eppy, as in preppy. It’s eepy, like sleepy. And if we told you what it was, we’d have to kill you. Or ask a ninja to kill you. We will reveal the secret origin of the EepyBird someday when the relevant documents have been declassified.


What are you working on next at the EepyLab?

We’re hard at work on a bunch of super-secret new projects, some of them involving Coke and Mentos, and some that are even stranger! Join our Facebook page or subscribe to our e-mail list in the upper right corner and we’ll keep you posted on all the latest developments.


How did you discover Coke & Mentos?

The basic Coke & Mentos geyser has been around for years, and we first heard about it from a friend of ours back in 2005. Just like everyone else, we tried it in our backyard and thought it was awesome. Then we thought, “How far can we take this?” We never imagined it would become a full-time job! Click here to read more of the story.


How does Coke & Mentos work?

It’s mostly due to a process called nucleation, where the carbon dioxide in the soda is attracted to the Mentos (they are awfully cute). That creates so much pressure that the soda goes flying. We built nozzles that make the opening smaller and that makes the geyser go higher. Click here to read more about the science of Coke & Mentos.


How can I do this at home?

This is a great thing to try yourself – if you’re careful. Here’s how. Make sure you wear your goggles and lab coats, so that you are not only protected, you also look cool as you run away from the flying soda.


Why do you use Diet Coke & Mentos and Coke Zero & Mentos?

We’ve tested a gazillion different combinations of soda and candies. Lots of stuff works – even dropping pennies into Moxie gives you a small geyser. But we’ve found that Diet Coke & Mentos and Coke Zero & Mentos seem to give you the biggest geysers.


Why do you use diet soda?

Diet tends to go a bit higher than regular soda, because it often has more carbonation and artificial sweeteners can help make the reaction a little bigger. Most importantly, diet soda isn’t sugary and sticky. Every time we set off a big geyser display, we get soaked to the skin, so it’s nice not to get covered in sugary goo.


What happens if you drink soda & then eat Mentos?

Well, a lot of the fizz goes away as you drink. Then when bubbles are released in your stomach, your stomach can expand a bit, and it also has ways of, umm, releasing excess gas. The Mythbusters showed that your stomach won’t explode, but it still wouldn’t be a lot of fun. Do not, repeat, do not be stupid and test the limits of your stomach. Don’t even think about it.


What’s the biggest geyser display you’ve ever done?

We did 250 bottles all by ourselves in the Domino Effect – Experiment #214. We also helped set several official Guinness World Records: over 500 geysers in Cincinnati, over 800 geysers in Holland, over 1,300 geysers in Belgium, 2,200 geysers in Germany, and 2,800 geysers in the Phillippines.


How many Mentos and bottles of Coke have you been through?

Since January of 2006, we’ve been through about 10,000 bottles of Coke and over 60,000 Mentos. That’s a lot! That’s why we make sure to recycle every single one of those bottles (unless someone wants to keep ‘em as a souvenir). And that’s why we’re really glad that both Coke and Mentos have been nice enough to help us out and supply us with materials for our new experiments.