The Extreme Sticky Note Experiments

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About The Extreme Sticky Note Experiments
Fritz & Stephen, the madmen behind the Extreme Coke & Mentos Experiments, now cause chaos in the office with over a quarter of a million sticky notes!  From a simple cascading pad to 40,000 sticky notes falling from the ceiling, this video uses 280,951 sticky notes in less than 3 minutes. And don't worry: they can be reused! And when they're beyond repair, we make sure to recycle them -- or we use them the normal way and make notes on them!

How Does This Work?
From waterfalls to wheels, all this craziness is made out of nothing but sticky notes -- the zigzag pads made for pop-up dispensers.  It literally took us 3 days of experimenting with zigzag pads to discover the waterfall and it was months before we thought to stick one end of the pad to the other to make pinwheels.

Try This at Home!
Yes, you can try this at home!  Pick up a few zigzag pads of sticky notes and click below:

Make Your Own Sticky Note Waterfall

Make Your Own Sticky Note Pinwheel

Make Your Own Sticky Note Sidewriting

The Extreme Sticky Note Experiments, by Fritz Grobe (the short one) and Stephen Voltz (the tall one). Directed by Chris Cantwell. Produced by DigiSynd and sponsored by ABC Family, OfficeMax, and our friends at Coca-Cola. Filmed in Burbank, California, with BIG help from Mike Miclon. Researched in Buckfield, Maine, with help from Matt & Jaime, Jason & Jackie, Mike, and the whole gang from the Oddfellow Theater and Celebration Barn Theater. Thanks to Jamie Chung and Brendan Fehr for coming over and being in the video.  Special thanks also to Oliver Luckett and the gang at DigiSynd.