The Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments

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About The Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments
This is the video that started it all: a backyard experiment became a cultural phenomenon. This is what happens when you combine 200 liters of Diet Coke and over 500 Mentos mints! Click here to read more of the amazing Coke & Mentos story.

How Does This Work?
What makes the soda fly out of the bottle? Will you explode if you drink Coke and eat Mentos? Click here to find out!

Try This at Home!
Yes, you can try this at home! You can get your own Coke & Mentos Kit, which includes nozzles just like the ones we use, or you can click here to learn how you can do it with stuff from around your house.

The Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments by Fritz Grobe (the short one) and Stephen Voltz (the tall one). Music by AudioBody. Filmed in Buckfield, Maine, home of the Oddfellow Theater. Production assistance from Mike & Kim Miclon. Thanks to Brian & Nancy Bennett.

210 Comments     |     Add your comment
  • EmWirtz

    THe reaction is caused by nucleation, where the tiny pores in the mint produce gas(bubbles). EepyBirds rule!

  • Marsha Sumal

    Science, baby, science! Just don’t blind yourself with science…..note goggle use!!!!!!

  • Manzi

    The whole video I couldn’t help but think about the waste that was going on here…

  • Willow

    This is fantastic! The timing is awesome! I want to show this to kids here at my school, but they’ll think the normal 1 bottle demo we do for them is lame after this haha!! And as for people making comments about where the money comes for this, I highly doubt they’re dipping into tax coffers for this… I mean seriously… and even if they did, I’d rather my tax went on something like this than government fat cats holidays and expenses.


    How much money did you spend on coke & mentos?

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  • Karen

    wow this is awesome! I just found a new science experiment! :D

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  • Mickas

    Diet Coke and Mentos Machine.

    Engineers at the Department of Chemical Engineering built a machine that
    uses Diet Coke and Mentos to produce power. The Mentos candy reacts with the Coke and the foaming liquid bursts out of a nozzle to make a spool spinning. A fishing line connected to a lego car is wound up on the spool and gives the car a speed of 40 km/h.

    Check out the video here:

  • Jenesis

    That is so awesome!! I so have to do that :)
    can’t wait!!! :D
    Love this

  • Jenesis

    That is so awesome!! I have to do that :)
    SO KEWL!!! :D
    Love this

  • katie6560

    hey well thanks really helped my science fair thanks!

  • Daniel

    Im doing this as my school prject. wich pop works the best that my project

  • Jalil R

    That was awesome

  • Jalil R

    I rule

  • Jalil R


  • hhtttgvg

    diet coke

  • Datsocutetracie10

    this is so cool

  • Nathan Simoni

    i like it…alot

  • Mariahcaudillo


  • Faith Garrett

    That was amazing!! These guys are super smart!!

  • Mickwald

    What’s this song called?

  • Anonymous

    It’s called You Gotta Tap by Audiobody – find it on or on iTunes :)

  • Sophilaybee

    very helpful i got an a+

  • Egratz

    what gave you the idea to do this?

  • Egratz

    Why didn’t you post the other attempts?

  • Egratz

    I am doing a school project on you guys

  • Egratz

    My dad interviewed you guys, Irwin Gratz :D

  • Egratz2016

    …Why didn’t you give up?…

  • Egratz2016

    …I mean, all those tries….

  • B3895905

    How did you get them to go off at the right time
    I’m doing a project and I want to use 2 coke/mentos to propell my rocket, how do I get them to go off at the same time?

  • Spottedstar10

    I used this as a science experiment for school with my friends. When we tested it out, it sprayed all over the bath tub! My mom got pissed but it was so much fun!

  • Rachelbabe71

    you should have like a list and how to do it type up to dont be lazy lolz

  • Imroln2

    my dauter is doing this for her experiment!!! (So excited!!)

  • Beety Mercredi

    That was amazing !!! any tips ? im doing this as my science project

  • Jh8402

    tell how high the mentos will go with a 2 letter bottle and 13 mentos

  • Chase Me1

    i love you egratz2016

  • Adam Millspaugh

    where is the copyright info for this article

  • ritzygirllol

    Damn that was sweet. (Literally) lol that was lame joke watev…how much did all that soda cost? just askin.

  • Frankln Van Pelt

    You are so great ! I again and again come back to the pen-ultimate experments. (And always (quite properly methinks) to you as “The Two professors to Mentoloy at the Eppy Bird Institute).

    — And the music is abs fab as well,


  • Samrulez

    do you have to close the lid when you add the Mentos in the cola just asking.

  • Samrulez

    can someone tell me why the one with the two mentos would go higher. i just need to know what is making the one with the two mentos go higher

  • Timmy

    That wasn’t really an “experiment” as such. It was more like a “show”.

  • Timera_robinson

    lol jk i love this what ever you call it hahaha

  • Timera_robinson

    omg this experiment sucks!