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About Make Your Own 3-D Glasses
Want to see The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car in 3-D?  You can get 3-D glasses from our online store – they’re two bucks each or free with any order!  They’ll let you watch this in 3-D on any computer.  Or you can just follow the instructions in this video to make your own!

All you need is a red marker, a blue marker, and a piece of clear plastic like a CD cover.  We recommend new Sharpie markers to get really good, strong colors.  Just color in two rectangles on the plastic, red for the left eye and blue for the right eye.

Hold it up in front of your face (again, red on the left, blue on the right), select “Red/Cyan Glasses” under the 3-D menu (it should select automatically), and enjoy The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car in 3-D!

And for a more stylish look, use some old sunglasses or goggles to make frames for your 3-D glasses.

Make Your Own 3-D Glasses by EepyBird: Fritz Grobe (the short one) and Stephen Voltz (the tall one). Music by AudioBody.  Filmed in Buckfield, Maine, home of the Oddfellow Theater.  Production assistance by Mike Miclon.

And thanks to Coca-Cola Zero and Mentos for making this possible!