Experiment 09: Coke and Mentos Geysers

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The original Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos video!

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Experiment 09: Coke and Mentos Geysers
This is the coolest science experiment ever invented that you can do at home. Everyone should do a Coke and Mentos Geyser a least once in his or her life. And, the next step, doing a ten-bottle fountain display, like a miniature version of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, is unforgettable-and really easy!

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Experiment 10, caption: Here's video of our very first 10 bottle fountain.
Diet Coke and Mentos - Image by Darren Slover -Sun Journal
Learn more about the science of Coke & Mentos.

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  2. […] folks also gave a link to further explanation and lots of impressive exploding soda videos at eepybird.com. next time i’ll have to spring for the diet version of “the real thing”, coca cola; […]

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