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About EepyBird Live in Holland
In May of 2007, we set the first official Guinness World Record of 504 Diet Coke & Mentos geysers. Well, some folks in Texas went on to do 791. So in September of 2007, we went to Holland (the home of Mentos) and took the record back: 851 geysers! Here's a quick video that the folks at Mentos put together - it's quite a sight!

We were in the Kasteelplein (Castle Square) in Breda, Holland, with over 800 volunteers helping set up and set off all those geysers. Huge thanks to Jacco, Annerieke, Eva, and the whole gang at Perfetti van Melle / Mentos for organizing such a great event, and thanks to MC Sherlock and DJ Dazzle for helping make the day a rocking success!

How Does it Work?
What makes the soda fly out of the bottle? Will you explode if you drink Diet Coke and eat Mentos? Click here to find out...

Mentos Geyser World Record - Holland, produced by the friendly folks at Perfetti van Melle. Event coordinated by Jacco Douma for Mentos and Annerieke Douma & Eva Knoups for SimplyC. EepyBird: Fritz Grobe (the short guy) & Stephen Voltz (the tall guy). The event featured MC Sherlock and DJ Dazzle, who rock! Our thanks to the great crew - two hours later, the Kasteelplein was all cleaned up and ready for Breda Barst. Great job!