Experiment #6: Coke & Mentos… Gone Wrong!

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About Experiment #6: Coke & Mentos… Gone Wrong!
Fourteen Mentos mints, each with a small hole drilled through it, are threaded onto a piece of fishing line. This string of Mentos is dropped through a small tube taped to the mouth of a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke. In Experiment #6, it didn't go quite according to plan...

How Does This Work?
What makes the soda fly out of the bottle? Will you explode if you drink Coke and eat Mentos? Click here to find out!

Try This at Home!
Yes, you can try this at home! You can get your own Coke & Mentos Kit, which includes nozzles just like the ones we use, or you can click here to learn how you can do it with stuff from around your house.

Experiment #6: Coke & Mentos… Gone Wrong! by Fritz Grobe (the short one) and Stephen Voltz (the tall one). Music by AudioBody. Filmed in Buckfield, Maine, home of the Oddfellow Theater. Thanks to Brian & Nancy Bennett.