Experiment 12: Air Vortex Guns and Cannons

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This video will blow you away. It blew Collin away, literally.

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Experiment 12: Air Vortex Guns and Cannons
The Air Vortex Cannon is a giant gun that can shoot a blast of air all the way across a gym. Spook your friends with this invisible surprise, which can mess up their hair or blow out a candle. And then, you can make the invisible visible by sending smoke rings swirling across the room.

The air blaster most commonly known in stores today, the Airzooka, was developed by Navy Lieutenant Brian Jordan. Jordan had been working on the idea since he was young and built his first prototype for it when he was still in high school. He kept refining the design over the years and finally put it on the market in 2003 where it was an almost immediate hit. We’ll show you how to make your own Airzooka-sized “pistol” from a plastic bucket, how to lock down your pistol for consistent aim, and how to make a giant “cannon” out of a trash can.

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Typo Alert
On page 102, where the materials list says 4-6 mm plastic sheeting, it should say 4-6 mil (that's about the thickness of a shower curtain). Sorry for any confusion!

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The big bad wolf would go crazy for this thing.

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