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Comic-Con & ABC Family

It’s been amazing working with ABC Family, so that, for the first time, one of our videos will premiere on television. We met Jamie Chung of Samurai Girl and had a blast filming a special sticky note preview video with her. And ABC Family arranged for us to go down to Comic-Con to premiere the new preview video, which was quite an adventure.

We were performing a series of our big Diet Coke & Mentos fountain shows in Canada. So after we finished the show at nine o’clock that Thursday night, we grabbed a couple hours of sleep. At 4 am, we were in a cab heading to the airport in Edmonton. By 11 am we were in San Diego heading for Comic-Con. At noon, we joined the Samurai Girl panel and showed the preview video. The response was so great! It’s always so much fun to see one of our new videos with a live crowd, and Comic-Con is a great group of people.

We also got to meet Brendan Fehr from Samurai Girl and Roswell, and he said he’d like to be in the final video, too. So we had two of the stars of Samurai Girl join us, making cameos in the big experiment.

After showing the sneak peek video, we had two hours to enjoy Comic-Con, which was amazing, and then had an hour to say hi to our fans and sign autographs before getting back on the plane. By dinnertime we were in San Francisco, and the next morning we were back in Canada setting up for our next Diet Coke & Mentos show. It was quite a ride!